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The Best Books for Starting Your Creative or Freelance Business

Today I'm sharing a few more resources for anyone wanting to start a creative or freelance business! There are so many intimidating factors to starting a business, so having resources on hand are great to have. All of these books can be purchased through Amazon! I'll link each one for you to easily check out:

1: Mind Your Business - Ilana Griffo

This interactive workbook is perfect for creative business owners just starting out or who need help elevating their business goals and processes. With an eye catching gold foil cover, this book has kept me knowing exactly what direction I want to keep my business in. She goes into information regarding your ideal customer, utilizing social media and marketing tools, to spending logs and keeping track of your expenses. Throughout all the pages, you are encouraged to write your own ideas/thoughts/plans down as you educate yourself on elevating your business.

2: The Freelancer's Bible - Sara Horowitz

You better believe this book should be on your shelf as a freelancer. The heading of this book says it all: "Everything you need to know to have the career of your dreams- on your terms". For real, this handy guide covers everything from preparing your taxes, finding insurance for yourself, and how to set up a successful home office. Sara has a great way of posing questions to find out if certain things will help your business, or just get in the way of things. Get out your highlighter, because you're going to need it!

3: Art INC. - Lisa Congdon

This book is such a great resource for people wanting to sell their physical artwork. First off, the colors and design of the overall book are so inviting. I don't know about you, but I love having a pretty book to look at that is also filled with information! Lisa goes into depth about how to sell your artwork, promoting your business, and even helpful tips for showcasing in exhibitions and galleries. Have questions about licensing and fees involved? It's all included!

I hope one or more of these books helps you in your business endeavors. I frequent all three of these books in my life as a Brand Designer and Creative Business Owner. Have anymore good resources you'd like to share? Let me know!

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