• Jessica Tyson

How Adobe Illustrator has Changed My Business

During school, one of the most intimidating programs to me was Illustrator. Even though it seemed like everyone around me knew all the tools, tricks, and tips, this program was like a foreign language to me. Let alone, my laptop didn't seem to like it too much either. It crashed nearly 75% of the time I even opened it up. #frustrated

I would watch countless time lapse videos on Instagram of these designers effortlessly creating beautiful logos, icons, and images all from Illustrator. I decided; enough is enough.

Time to learn this thing from the inside out.

During quarantine (and still today) I would spend countless hours each day just watching tutorials on YouTube on how to use all the tools in this program. After a while, I started to get the hang of it! I would pick a subject, whether it be fruit, a concept logo, or even just making shapes until something came to mind, and then just kept messing with the different tools until I created something beautiful. The same goes for text. I have downloaded so many fun new fonts that I love to just mess with!

Now, as I run my full-time freelance design business, Illustrator is always up on my computer. I use it constantly and it has elevated my overall design abilities. Before, I would just try to draw an image in Procreate or paper, upload it to Illustrator, and the Image Trace. This process, while it works for some things, more often than not created a rough outline and a horrific version of what I saw in my mind. Now, I can create my concepts from start to finish in a beautifully adaptable program and give my clients the best quality products that I am proud of. #success

Some of my favorite accounts on YouTube to learn more for Illustrator are Spoon Graphics, The Vector Lab, and Nobu Design. Make sure to check them out if you are learning Illustrator, want to find new tricks, or are just looking to expand your overall knowledge of these programs. They also have great tutorials for most of the Adobe Suite.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite design programs are and one that you have been putting off learning for a while.

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