• Jessica Tyson

Creating an Inviting Office Space: Mural Edition

After graduation, I was pretty sure of one thing; I wanted to start my own business. Scary, right? As I am sure many small business owners know and have gone through, it can be terrifying at the thought of trying to make a successful business without the backbone and help of a corporation or established business behind your back. I knew I had to take it step by step, and one of the first steps I needed to take was creating an office space for myself.

I have always seen and appreciated the beautiful hand lettered murals that my Instagram feed is always so filled with. It is such a beautiful art and can give such personality to an otherwise bland space. I set off to create a design that was simple, yet encouraging and filled with color that I knew would inspire me. I knew I would have some trouble, and would find ways after that I could do better next time, but I was excited at the thought of creating my office space to be inviting and something I could be proud of.

After a lot of issues with the projector, sizing mishaps, and many other bumps along the way, I finally had the base wall painted and the sketch on the wall! It was time for the fun part; painting. And otherwise more time consuming that I thought would be. I used all interior Behr paints, which I had come to find are incredibly hard to work with as it is thick and quickly becomes sticky and dry. But nonetheless, it got the job done! After three hard working days, my beautiful and inspiring wall message was done; Create Everyday. For me it is a simple reminder to not let the small joys pass me by, whether it be creating a full on project for a client, or even just a small desk doodle. Creativity fuels the mind into pursuing bigger and better things in the future.

Once the mural was finished I had a fun job of also decorating my desks with small little trinkets and photos, pen cups and organizers, all the things I am sure many other business owners geek over.

I know have a space that I can call my own. A place where I can escape to create, a place where I can let my frustrations out, a place to fail but better yet succeed.

I now have an office.

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